About Us

about us

We are QUZI

QUZI Health & Weight Loss is headquartered in Shanghai China. Our main purpose is to offer the most comfortable and relaxing weight loss services to those who has desire to lose weight and stay healthy throughout the world. We have more than 400 weight loss stores in more than 10 countries including the United States, the Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Korea, and Singapore. We have successfully helped millions customers all around the world lose weight and keep healthy. We endeavor to create an Honest and Professional corporate culture. Our excellent reputation and the brand recognition brought us the Quality and Credibility Model Unit and the China Top 50 Chain Enterprises Honorary Title in 2004, awarded by Authorized Government Institutes in China. Welcome to QUZI, and enjoy the professional services and the Revolutionary Zen Principle within our QUZI family.

Our Brand

Qu(pronounced "chiu") “曲”:
The meaning of this Chinese character is "curvaceous".
Zi “姿”:
This Chinese character means shape or figure.
The complete QuZi mark shows a graceful woman with attractive body shape.

Our QUZI 3+1 Weight Loss Program

Our QUZI 3+1 Weight Loss Program provides a scientific analysis to find out the cause of overweight, and a customized weight loss plan to meet various requirements of different individuals.

Our Future

QuZi has been successfully building up body shapes for millions of customers. Our 3+1 program becomes the symbol of our services. We care about our customers. We understand the desire of our customers. We help our customers to reclaim their perfect figure and regain their healthy lives.